The Idea

As newcommers to the GNU Social !fediverse some of us had some trouble finding and then choosing a node where to start. As admin-newcommers many of us had some trouble finding the right how-to or tweak. So here's the short story of the site and its purpose; after reading it you can decide if its worth sharing and/or contributing.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... As with any federated network it might get confusing at the beginning, there are pieces of information in different websites, (this site itself is just another drop of water), different people in different parts of the federation cheering for their nodes (which is ok BTW) and against others (which is not ok BTW, IMHO), but no neutral place where newcommers can find all the information new users and possible node admins require.

Maybe that place existed, but I couldn't find it. So I created,

What for? you may ask dear visitor, and you would be right. Maytimes while coding the first draft I asked myself the same question.
So this is the idea:

New users (who know the site) must be able to easily find a clear idea of:

  1. What Gnu Social is
  2. How the last version of GNU Social works
  3. Why is different to propietary microblogging alternatives
  4. Why its better, depiste look&feels and technical problems
  5. And most importantly, which public nodes are up and open to sign ups

Node admins should be able to find all necessary information to get a node up and running, plus which configuration tweaks are recommended depending on the use case they foresee for their node, and their servers caps.

New Users & Node admins should be able to trust the information on the basis that won't profit from its traffic, and will not sponsor any particular node for money.
Nodes will be ordered using technical criteria, trying to satisfy the purpose of offering newcommers the best possible options to adopt GNU Social. In fact the site does not have and will not have any advertising of any kind. See Funding.

All the code is available at Github for contributions, suggestions and forking.


As being neutral is the core principle of the site and the one that can add some value to its purpose, is a nonprofit site, and plans to fund its maintenance costs with the help of the community.

I expect to fund the effort, time and costs of manteining it via users donations, if they please, and if they don't I will mantein it for as long as I can.

Additionally, when such community fundings exceed what's necessary for the site's maintenance, the remainings will be donated to the Fsf, as a way to thank them for the job done.

Donation information will always be public, in a future News section.

Licenses & so

This site includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available at also uses jQuery, Leaflet.js, Mapbox, DataTables & Bootstrap

By KrangLabs