Pending tasks and suggestions

This is a list of pending tasks and suggestions of what to implement in future versions.

  • [ ! ] Build a score system to order nodes by various criteria. We should take into consideration uptime, if they're open for public signups, if they encourages free speech, and users' votes.
  • For the file that takes care of processing the list of nodes, do it according to the timestamps of the last crawl. This way the script will process first those nodes that have the oldest update.
  • Fix map markers behavior issue when zooming in/out.
  • For better transparency, make available at the homepage the last log file from the fediverse parser.
  • Add the positibility to have nodes pages with the details of the node, a up/down vote functionality and a comment syste. Disqus?
  • Add a button for those newcomers who just want to be taken to the "best", or highest scoring, node.
  • Create a fallback method to fetch geolocation data for IP addresses from an API when that information is not available in the local MaxMind database.
  • Add a fallback method for the cross browser xhr query that checks if nodes are up.
  • Add a way to categorize nodes for filtering purposes. Categories should include: adult, shitposting, private, conservative, liberal, etc. This might be considered controversial or unfair for certain nodes, so we should consider it carefully.
  • Query each node for the Statistics plugin when it exists. Give a score bonus to nodes that are transparent with their statistics.
  • Add the possibility to ping every 5-10 minutos in the frontend, for users who want to keep the site open and have an status.

Soon I will add a simpler way for people to share their opinions and suggestions. For now, feel free to open an issue on GitHub.

By KrangLabs