Latest changes, news & acknowledge

Just a journal about what I already know its not working and what is being done, so i don't need to queet so much explaining and can code more. Also a place to thank the contributions and suggestions made by members of the !fediverse

Mar 15, 2016

Merge Github changes suggested by HectorAE

Mar 08, 2016

Starting to work on the map view of the GNU Social Fediverse. WARNING: Map view still does *not* work.

Feb 26, 2016

There is a new field in the sqlite db to indicate if a node is NSFW. If this value is 1, then the frontend table will show a NSFW red label.

A typo reported by @rw was corrected in the frontpage.

Feb 25, 2016

Starting today nodes added via the top left green button, now go directly into the database and are automatically queried for their data. So, nodes need to be up and running when being added, else they will be automatically rejected since the won't be able to access their config and general status.

Also as it was suggested by @vinzv, in the table view (the only possible view at the moment, since maps are not ready yet), nodes that have no "text-limit" configured for the length of their queets, will show the more accurate "no limit" label, in replacement of the former "false" one, since its better from a general user pespective.

By KrangLabs